Baking a wedding cake requires a few cake decorating skills that you can easily learn. You can browse a wide variety of wedding cakes online to get some decorating ideas. You will need to buy professional cake pans, frosting tips and bags to get started. Practice making cake decorations on a scrap piece of cardboard to improve your decorating skills. You can bake a wedding cake for your friends and save them money. Wedding cakes are outrageously expensive at bakeries that specialize in wedding cakes. You can buy everything you need at hobby Read the rest of this entry »

Your wedding cake is one of the most anticipated wedding items that every guest will want to see. Traditionally, wedding cakes were simply made to feed guests that came to the wedding. Now, wedding cakes make a statement that ties together the theme of the big day.

Many wedding cakes can be personalized with monograms, initials, or special words or sayings. Brides can incorporate their wedding colors into icing colors to make the letters stand out against a plain white icing background.Read the rest of this entry »

The traditional wedding cake is out, and there are new styles for couples to choose from. If you want a wedding cake that has layers and traditional icing, you can still order it. Cakes that have only a few layers that are not straight are popular with younger couples. When the cake is made, the layers are made in different sizes. When the cake is put together, the layers are not placed exactly straight so that the cake looks Read the rest of this entry »

So many people that attend weddings assume that this is the only big moment. They are wrong. When everything is said and done there is a lot more to this. The wedding cake at the reception is also a big deal.

There have been many wedding cakes that basically look and taste about the same. They are big, but no one is talking about them anymore. Some couples want a cake that will stand out from the rest. Read the rest of this entry »

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